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By Linda Julian

13 support staff strategies to maintain client satisfaction

February 27, 2013 | Posted in: Business Development Skills | Tags: ,

The vital role your support staff play in client satisfaction is often overlooked. However a client’s experience at reception, or their first phone call to your firm can colour every other interaction – for better or worse. Here are 13 quick tips your support staff can use to represent your firm even better.

  1. Represent clients well – Always be a good ambassador or envoy for your clients.
  2. Thank clients – Don’t take your clients for granted. Remember to thank clients for their business.
  3. Return clients calls ASAP – This is a meaningful way to show your client just how important s/he is to you. If the lawyer isn’t around, return the call yourself.
  4. Keep your clients informed – Your clients have every confidence in your firm’s ability to solve their legal problems, but they feel a whole lot more comfortable and secure when you keep them informed, frequently and regularly.
  5. Learn what clients expect, then do it – You’ll never please a client unless you know what they expect, and then act on it.
  6. Be completely discreet and loyal – Respect the confidentiality and commercial sensitivity of the information you come across. Reassure clients on this point. Be loyal: whatever you think of their behaviour, remember that – in the end – the client is paying the bill, and that without them, you wouldn’t have job.
  7. Be a problem-solver – Clients want your help with their problems. Come up with solutions rather than excuses.
  8. Constantly seek feedback – Ask clients how you can do better and listen to what they have to say.
  9. Get to know clients – Show a genuine and sincere interest in each client.
  10. Be helpful – Help your counterpart to do a better job and offer any guidance that you can.
  11. Be flexible – Try to do things the way clients want, rather than the way that is convenient to you. Become more flexible and easier to deal with than any of their other advisors, especially other law firms.
  12. Care about your clients – There is no substitute for genuine concern and a sincere interest in your client. If you don’t care, it will show. If you do, it makes all the difference.
  13. Meet clients – and be keen to do so.

Help your support staff understand their importance to your clients and your firm, and you’ll find client and staff satisfaction quickly improve.

If you need help with client and staff satisfaction, please get in touch.

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