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More marketing mindedness

July 24, 2013 | Posted in: Business Development Skills | Tags:

In marketing mindness, we outlined how a tiny amount of time in doing the “little extras” will:

  • increase client satisfaction
  • encourage more work
  • yield referrals
  • cement valuable and satisfying relationships.

Here are two more examples to help get you underway with being marketing minded in everyday practice:

You need a lengthy personal meeting with your business client

  • schedule it to conclude at lunchtime or early evening so you can invite your client for a quick lunch or drinks
  • offer a car space in your building or a voucher for a local carpark
  • conduct it on your client’s premises and look over their facilities while you’re there
  • include another lawyer from your firm – advise the client that it’s at “no charge” – so your colleague can learn about the client and can add value and showcase his/her skillset.

Total marketing time: one or two hours. Likely return on investment: very good.

You’re reading an industry or professional journal

  • find an article of relevance to a client, contact, or referral source – copy and send it off with a short, hand-written note
  • constantly ask yourself:
    • “how does this issue/development affect my clients?”
    • “how does it change their competitive landscape?”
    • “what business risks does it present?”
    • “how can I help them deal with these challenges?”

and follow up accordingly:

  • if there’s an issue or item to which you can add professional value, write a short article, commentary piece, or letter and send it off to the editor
  • add selected contributing authors to your industry contacts database
  • check that the publication is on your list for relevant media releases.

Total marketing time: one to four hours. Likely return on investment: good.

These are just two more situations which illustrate marketing mindedness in action.

Instead of just sitting at your desk, and ploughing through the files, look for opportunities to be marketing minded.

Small time investments can produce worthwhile returns.

We can help, please get in touch.

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