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By Alice Vuong

Timeless leadership

September 4, 2013 | Posted in: Business Development Skills

It’s 28 August, 1963. Standing on the Washington steps, Martin Luther King Jr delivers a powerful message calling for change and empowering a nation to stand against social injustice and fight for human rights.

On the 50th anniversary of this historic event, we took a moment to reflect on the lessons in leadership we can learn from the great Dr King. This post explores the qualities that can make you a timeless leader in your organisation.

There are three attributes great leaders like Dr King demonstrate: they are inspiration hubs, highly effective communicators and genuinely compassionate human beings.


Great leaders inspire others through their:

  • vision for the future – they are adept at identifying and articulating where change is necessary and taking steps to stimulate change; they persuade others to follow their lead by showing them that the output (the vision) is worth the input (effort)
  • passion – they display genuine enthusiasm for what they do; their enthusiasm is inviting, intriguing and infectious, and people naturally want to follow their lead
  • belief in others – they encourage others to be innovative, and challenge them to think outside the square; great leaders nurture the personal development of their team members, and create an environment which fosters continuous self-improvement and advancement.


In their interactions with others, great leaders are:

  • articulate – they transform complex concepts into simple and easy-to-understand messages
  • persuasive – they inspire others to embrace their vision
  • adaptive – they monitor reactions, listen to feedback, and adjust their communications accordingly.


Great leaders are compassionate, willing to help and support their team members. They are selfless in dedicating their time and energy to developing others.

They connect on an emotional level with their followers. A compassionate leader monitors the emotional state of others and is aware of sensitivities. They make time to listen to others’ problems and provide support through coaching.

Whether you are in a leadership position, or aspiring to be, these three attributes can help you become a timeless leader.

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