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By Linda Julian

Great marketing is about finding the sweet spot

October 16, 2013 | Posted in: Grow your business

Good marketing starts with the word “no”. No, not the right client. No, not the right matter. No, not right fit for us now.

In the same vein, great marketing is largely about finding your “sweet spot”  –  and finding ways to do lots of that work.  Better still, only that work.

Maybe it will take a little effort to locate your sweet spot. Maybe it’s in-your-face-obvious.

Your sweet spot is:

  • where you do your best, finest and most interesting work
  • where you “click” with clients you enjoy and who appreciate what you do
  • projects which aren’t too hard to get or painful to manage
  • profitable
  • a great place to make a professional future.

Possibly, your sweet spot is unique.  More likely, your sweet spot is an opportunity for some sought-after differentiation.

What you do especially well, for clients who recognise and reward your work, is probably quite some way from what just any other similarly-qualified professional can do for them:  mostly the further (more differentiated) the better (more rewarded).

It’s worth finding that special alignment of characteristics which causes a client or project to hit your sweet spot.  Once you know what that magic combination is, look for work that fits the parameters and become braver and bolder with the words:  “no, while I’d love to help you, it isn’t my sweet spot – let me refer you to a trusted colleague who’ll do a great job for you”.

That’s the precursor to a surge in your success and rewards.

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