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By Linda Julian

Business development is not a spare time activity

December 18, 2013 | Posted in: Grow your business | Tags:

For professionals who want a prosperous, thriving practice and more agile and profitable firm, business development is not a spare time activity.

Maintaining flow of work from clients, developing revenue streams, and funding future clients rank as priorities alongside attending today’s matters.

Business development shouldn’t wait for time to spare.  It’s a core activity rather than an “add on extra” or something more to do when you get clear of “real work”.

With stiff competition in a mature market, practice growth demands no less focus than delivering today’s services.

Clients are both more sophisticated and much more demanding than even a few short years ago, as they up the ante, the case becomes increasingly compelling to:

  • build business development activities into every week
  • monitor and report on business development plans, activities, and outcomes
  • equip professionals with tools, skills and resources to be more effective
  • make business development a core competency and accountability
  • incorporate business development activities and outcomes into your appraisals and key performance indicators.

You’ll change the growth trajectory of your firm once business development is more than a spare time activity and is taken as seriously as technical professional skills.

For expert help to get onto the path of increased prosperity, growth and profits, make business development core to your competencies, please get in touch.

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