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How to murder a client relationship

December 4, 2013 | Posted in: Business Development Skills | Tags:

A strong client relationship is critical to business success.  An angry client is a problem to your professional practice. But consider for a moment: a disappointed client may be a much greater danger.

Disappointed clients rarely write angry letters, ring you to complain, or take the trouble to tell you what’s wrong. Instead, little by little, they store up negative experiences and feelings of being badly done by or ignored.

Disappointed clients disengage and then eventually leave, without ever giving you the opportunity to hear and remedy their concerns. They don’t complain because they lack confidence in your will to address their problems.

Professionals must understand that the greater the prestige of their “brand”, and the greater their service promise, the higher the probability of creating disappointment and ruining the client relationship.

That is, where reality falls significantly short of promise, the insidious problem of client disappointment festers.

These are the clients most likely to be you competitor’s next “win”.

Nurture and grow the client relationship to cement current and future business. As a starting point, take our test to see how well you really know your clients.

For more help on client relationship management, please get in touch.

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