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By Lilla Smee

Legal directory listings: what are the benefits?

March 12, 2014 | Posted in: Tenders Bids Proposals | Tags: ,

It’s that time of year again… legal directory listings are open! If you are considering whether submissions to the Chambers & Partners and/or The Legal 500 directory listings are right for your firm, read on. We’ll outline some of the benefits.

The independently researched endorsement of a directory listing can boost your firm’s credibility and profile raising activities. We know, anecdotally, that directory listings lead to referrals and, more importantly, work – particularly inbound work from interstate and overseas.

More than ever, consumers of legal services are turning to the internet to verify recommendations and their choice of firms. Having a directory ranking provides your firm with an additional, credible web presence.

Most importantly, perhaps, seeing you in the directories confirms to your current valued clients that their choice is endorsed by the wider legal world.
Even smaller firms can benefit from making a submission. In recent rounds for Chambers, for example, there have been several smaller boutique additions to the rankings, boosting the credibility of the entire process (in our opinion).

Submissions for directory listings are somewhat like tenders: put the work in and results are possible which would otherwise be impossible. It’s free to make a submission, and unlike tenders, submissions are relatively low effort. See guidelines and timetables for Chambers here, and The Legal 500 here.

If you’re interested in how these directories (or others) might benefit your firm, or you need advice on or help completing a submission, please get in touch.

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