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Position your firm or die!

October 8, 2014 | Posted in: Business Development Strategy | Tags: ,

Just like those panel beaters who “specialise” in ALL makes and ALL models, the generalist service provider will struggle, particularly as technology and off-shoring continue to commoditise and consolidate previously profitable areas.

Think about it: if what you offer can be obtained from anyone, you’re competing against everyone.

Why not focus on being one of few experts, or better still, the only expert clients can obtain that service or knowledge from?

How to position your firm

Casting around for a better position is tough, but the rewards of truly owning a position in a too-crowded buyers’ market are many-fold:

  • better, more interesting work you enjoy doing
  • projects that are easy for you to manage as you develop critical mass around systems to streamline workflow
  • attracting other high calibre professionals to your team
  • clients who seek you out, and appreciate what you can do for them
  • no longer wasting time on distracting sideshows, and having with absolute certainty around what you do and who you do it for
  • greater profitability and prosperity.

Lack of clarity around your position is a sure ticket to struggle town – maybe not today, but soon.

If your positioning could do with a redirect, please get in touch.

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