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Leveraging a tender, bid or proposal win – get (more than) your fair share

Because so many corporate and government clients appoint multiple firms to provide their professional services, winning a place on a formal panel is only a preliminary to getting the client work you really want.

And when multi-provider appointments are informal, it’s even more important to drive workflow in your direction.

Try some of our tips to get a bigger slice of the work

Steps to getting more than your fair share of the client’s work

These techniques will help you win your fair share of the client work  –  and more:

  • Start the value added services flowing right away – don’t wait for paid work volume to justify adding value because if you do, it may never happen
  • Treat this new client as the client you want them to become
  • Stay in touch and top-of-mind – go the extra mile to show interest in your client and their plans
  • Connect online as well as offline – invite them as your guest to industry events and interact on social media if that works for that client
  • Make certain the client knows your team and what special expertise each contributes
  • Let your clients know you truly value their work
  • Help your client to make better use of your services to get even better results
  • Teach them how to save their money by better using your services
  • Especially now, flag ways they can reduce their risk using your services
  • Constantly seek client feedback on your performance – both what you do especially well, and any areas where you and your firm may fall short
  • Take meaningful action on deficiencies in your service – and tell your client what you’re doing to address these
  • Constantly learn more about your client
  • Find new ways (big and small) to “add value” along the way
  • Make your client look good – internally, to their stakeholders/shareholders, and
    – externally to their market, industry, or community
  • Do a great job – consistently.

Once you’re appointed by a client, the real competition begins: these approaches will help you win your fair share, and more, of their available work volume.

If you’ve been disappointed by a panel appointment that hasn’t translated into a steady flow of repeat work, please get in touch to see how JMA can help you get more than your fair share.

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