Key Account Management programs

Consistent, deliberate, and proactive customer engagement at all levels is critical to everything an organisation does and stands for.

JMA’s co-design approach to the enhancement and implementation of Key Account Management programs delivers scalable frameworks that enable nurturing and growth. This approach enables a stronger, more deliberate and strategic culture of customer engagement through:

  • Tools and Playbooks that support the desired activities and required capabilities
  • Team capability development
  • Consistent methodology (systems, tools and skills)
  • Simplicity and transparency
  • Embedding the right operating model and infrastructure to support its success with your key accounts.

Our clients thrive on Key Account Management and have a clear focus on growth, in addition they experience:

  • Clear and stronger key buying & influence relationships
  • Greater product / service penetration
  • Stronger share of client spend
  • Competitive strength
  • Higher conversion rates on major bids, tenders and contracts
  • Supply and value chain agility.

If you’re ready to go from good to great, your growth is our focus.

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