Opportunity management programs

Poor opportunity management execution is responsible for the greatest impact on sales productivity and performance. Poor opportunity management execution is also over reliant on the technology aspect with a lack of focus on the other critical key facets necessary for winning.

JMA’s co-design approach incorporates analysis, development and enhancement of opportunity management and planning:

  • end-to-end process methodology and overarching framework
  • mindset, toolset, and skillset to embed, support and enable your team
  • fit for purpose operational models measures and metrics.

JMA will enable you to open and close more business through implementation a methodology and culture for pipeline growth and productivity. Benefits include:

  • An opportunity management process that is research based and aligns with how your buyers make purchase decisions.
  • Close more business
  • Institute and embedding the toolset, mindset and skillset to achieve success in the continued growth of your company
  • Provide you with a framework for a stronger sales culture and set the foundation for measuring productivity
  • Your sales cycle length is shorter.
  • Opportunity Management processes are embedded into your CRM system.

If you’re ready to go from good to great, your growth is our focus.

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