Sales process optimisation

In this age of shifting buyer behaviour, digitisation and change no one can afford to have a static or fixed sales process. An optimal sales process is one that provides salespeople with agility and allows management to constantly innovate.

Our unique co-design approach to sales optimisation aligns:

  • Sales process (internal steps)
  • Buying process (external steps)
  • Sales methodology (the externally-facing approach required to take).

The steps we take with you include:

  • Outline your current process
  • Choose the right stages and tasks
  • Map it together
  • Map your typical customers buying process by service / solution / product type
  • Dynamic buyer-aligned sales processes.

JMA’s sales process optimisation will help your organisation define and effectively respond to:

  • Variations of your customers’ buying processes
  • Objectives for you and your customer at each stage of the process
  • Actions for you and your customer at each stage of the process
  • Tools and enablement you require for agility and continual innovation to deliver and improve.

If you’re ready to go from good to great, your growth is our focus.

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