Sales transformation strategy

The case for change now could not be clearer. Business leaders face pressure to deliver above-market growth at the best of times and when the global economy is weak, that demand becomes more acute. This is now a decision leadership cannot put off.

How we take you from good to great. JMA’s unique approach to sales transformation focusses on:

  • Co-design – without stakeholder engagement there can be no lasting success
  • Alignment – designed for where your organisation is now and the journey you need to take
  • Preserve and change – what to keep and what to improve/

Together we will:

  • Target the capabilities that matter the most.
  • Tailor the approach to your organisation’s stage of development
  • Keep it simple
  • Think institutional capabilities, not just individual skills
  • Give you an operating model to keep it all running.

The result is practical performance frameworks and strategies to enable you to more effectively manage the consistent demand for growth.  As an organisation, you’ll:

  • Know where you are and where you’re going
  • Have a transformation team built on trust
  • Score quick wins
  • Activate and energise the organisation
  • Have a strong commitment to coaching
  • Hardwire in a performance culture.

If you’re ready to go from good to great, your growth is our focus.

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