Best practice referrals for professional services firms

October 23, 2019 | Posted in: Business Development Skills, Grow your business

Over the years JMA’s research has shown the most successful and profitable professional services firms benefit hugely from referrals (both from individuals external to their firm, and from internal referrals or cross-selling that occurs in-firm). In our latest study 70% of respondents rated their referral relationships or networks as “highly effective” and the number one […]

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Avoiding buyer’s remorse

February 18, 2019 | Posted in: Business Development Skills

Do your clients ever suffer from buyer’s remorse? For many expert professional services – especially legal and accounting – purchase is not optional: it’s mandatory, driven by compliance requirements, or as an essential component of project delivery. Worse still, a fair slice of consumption is a true ‘grudge spend’, mandated by lenders, regulators, and opponents. […]

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Better business development conversations

June 15, 2016 | Posted in: Business Development Skills

Hard sells simply don’t work in professional services; most of us don’t like being “sold” to. As we’ve discussed before, building brand and marketing activities are only the backdrop to real business development conversations and interactions. Unfortunately, when it comes to winning work from prospective clients, many professionals open business development conversations using material unlikely to […]

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How to create value add services for tenders, bids & proposals

How to create value add services for tenders, bids & proposals

Value add services have become de rigueur for B2B services relationships and can be a positive, indeed tender-winning differentiator for your business. ‘Free of charge’ is music to clients’ ears given in the 21st century we’re all being expected to do more with less. And as we know, you have to give in order to […]