Who we are

Our history

“Are we what we say we are? I think not. I think we are what we do – most especially, what we do repeatedly. Doing a good and useful thing even once is good – do it repeatedly, and you’ll make substantial gains, in any area of work or life.”

Linda Julian, The passionate professional

Julian Midwinter & Associates was established by Linda Julian and Mark Midwinter in 1993. In 2019 Directors Mark Midwinter and Amy Burton-Bradley  refreshed our vision to focus on being a team synonymous with wins and growth.

With her commitment to excellence, consistency, determination, hard work, and dedication to her clients, Linda forged a powerful professional legacy. She was highly regarded by her team of business development consultants, her clients, and professional peers, all of whom appreciated Linda’s no-nonsense style and insightful counsel.

In a career spanning more than three decades, she earned trusted advisor status with thousands of lawyers and other professionals throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Linda lived by the principles and modelled the values and beliefs she articulated. Her considerable intellectual property was studiously embedded in JMA and its people. Sadly, Linda passed away in June 2013.

Mark, Amy and the JMA team honour Linda’s professional legacy by following the high benchmarks she set, and continuing to serve our clients with excellence and integrity.

Social responsibility

JMA continues the ethical and socially responsible business behaviours established by Linda and Mark.  We view social responsibility as not only a moral obligation, but as good business practice, and an enlightened way to live and work.

A minimum of 10% of JMA’s profits is directed to community and philanthropic causes, and today we provide ongoing financial or in-kind support to more than a dozen organisations.

JMA also generously supports the sectors which have made it possible for us to build a healthy consulting practice and satisfying careers.  Support to professional organisations and associations, especially in the legal community, includes pro bono presentations and research studies.

The charitable causes we support are aligned with our values, and include: protection of animals; Indigenous Reconciliation, social equity; health education and research; education and advancement of women and children in the third world; emergency first response; and conservation of the natural environment.