Let’s win more tenders, bids & proposals

For many organisations success in bidding, tendering, proposing, and pitching is critical if you need to win or retain business.

However, strategising, writing and producing winning bids within tight timeframes can also be daunting, stressful and difficult to manage for teams already under pressure.

It doesn’t need to be.

Whether you’re looking for high level strategic advice only, or need full support for each step of the process, or something in between (like JMA’s Top’n’tail service) JMA’s team is highly experienced and ready to assist.

JMA’s tender, bid, and proposal win services are tailored to suit each client’s budget and in-house capability. Be it hand holding for a first-time tenderer, boosting an experienced team’s capacity for a one-off major bid, or a bid review or bid process improvements.

We can help.

Our team has helped clients succeed in all varieties of formal competitive selection processes (including EoI, RFI, RFQ, RFT, RFP) and less formal pitches for business, including alternative tenders and unsolicited proposals.

JMA’s tender, bid and proposal win services span and support each critical phase of the cycle and emphasise skills transfer to your team so you can better DIY winning bids.

Get in touch to find out how JMA support can take your next tender, bid or proposal to the next level, or read on to learn more about our key tender, bid and proposal win services.


Tender, bid & proposal writing, editing and reviews

JMA can help create or revise your tender, bid or proposal drafts ensuring your documents are persuasive ‘winners’ that maximise your appeal to buyers and evaluators.


Tender, bid & proposal strategy

Set your next tender, bid or proposal on course for success with guidance from JMA’s expert bid strategists and our Win clinic and Pursuit clinic services.


Tender, bid & proposal management

Large and complex bids, with tight deadlines demand expert management to not only bring it all together by the due date but in order to win.


Tender, bid & proposal design and creative

In order to win the messages and ‘look and feel’ of your submission should make a strong statement and impact. JMA can give your bid a competitive edge through professional presentation and increase your efficiency with proposal and pitch deck templates.


Tender, bid & proposal readiness

Bids are stressful, involve tight time frames and often result in much replicated effort. However there are some strategic and practical pre-bid preparations that can be a worthwhile advance investment.

If winning business is important to your firm’s prosperity, whether to win new work or retain those hard-to-replace clients, JMA can be in your corner next time.

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