Bid Benchmarking Review

Competitions for large projects, panel appointments, and desirable clients are now pivotal to success for most professional and other services providers.

If you aren’t winning all the bids, tenders and proposals you should, JMA can help by independently reviewing your bids, successful and unsuccessful.  JMA’s Bid benchmarking review will expertly evaluate your tenders and proposals in terms of:

  • key messages, impact, and how effectively you’re selling
  • articulation of your value propositions and service differentiators
  • presentation of your products, solutions, team, their credentials and evidence of capabilities
  • pricing – structure, quantum, alignment with client drivers, and competitiveness
  • how effectively you’re explaining and leveraging your information technology, quality systems, and infrastructure
  • framing of your risk management strategies
  • whether value added services are enhancing your offer
  • compliance and process savvy
  • production values, format and presentation
  • positioning you as the right fit and the best choice
  • recommendations for high impact presentation of your key sales messages.

How JMA’s Bid Benchmarking Review works

Depending on what we agree typically a Bid Benchmarking Review includes:

  • analysis of RFT documentation and a small selection of bids both successful and unsuccessful
  • telephone conference support to obtain background on the bids you select
  • evaluation and benchmarking of your bids
  • a report including both general and specific recommendations for improvement with resources and sample materials to assist you in implementing international best practice
  • a session with your key personnel, including marketers and subject matter experts, to walk through findings and recommendations for improvement.

If winning business is important to your firm’s prosperity, whether to win new work or retain those hard-to-replace clients, JMA can be in your corner next time.

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