Bid building blocks

Competitive tenders, proposals, capability statements, and other pitches for business are a commercial reality for most services businesses.

They are stressful, involve tight timeframes, and often result in much replicated effort.  Well-conceived strategies plus some effective preparations and a clear process can help your firm make the most of each bid and increase your win rate.

While each tender is unique, many common elements  –  bid building blocks  –  can be developed in advance to smooth the process.

Creating first-rate bid building blocks relevant to your services and the clients you seek to win will ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your next tender. It means that once a competition is in train, your team will have time to focus on demonstrating understanding and right fit for each client.

JMA has an impressive track record of successful submissions. We can help you achieve better win rates with tools, examples, and clear process maps to develop a well-defined process and ready building blocks for simple tailoring on each occasion.

How JMA’s bid building blocks can help

JMA can identify and advise on core elements that will be most effective in your target markets and then help you prioritise and produce credible, compelling, and interesting bid building blocks such as:

  • Word and PowerPoint templates
  • infographics, diagrams and flowcharts of key processes
  • resonant case studies and success stories highlighting core expertise
  • tender-ready policies and evidence of your standards
  • client service credentials and service descriptions
  • professional profiles or CVs
  • deal, case and project lists
  • strong, focused references from satisfied clients
  • appealing value added services offerings
  • a plethora of other resources which prove invaluable at tender time.

If winning business is important to your firm’s prosperity, whether to win new work or retain those hard-to-replace clients, JMA can be in your corner next time.

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