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Digital marketing: are you still stuck in a material world?

March 11, 2015 | Posted in: Grow your business | Tags: ,

In 1984, Madonna sang about living in a material world, but some thirty years later we’re well and truly living in a digital world.

When it comes to marketing, you may still be clinging to that material world. If your firm has neglected or underinvested in digital marketing, 2015 is the year to get real. And I would recommend doing that with some sense of urgency, as we’re well past the tipping point.

Many of the “younger” clients with whom you deal (and who are moving up in the ranks of decision-making) have never not worked with the internet or email. Think about that for a moment.

A 2014 research by Hinge into 1,000 consumers of professional services revealed that viewing a firm’s website is the number one way prospective clients check you out.

Are your potential clients, referrers and employees going to find you – or your competitors – when they’re in the market for your services?

Sadly, I still see many firms “doing” websites, but with no strategy, measures or consistency. And as the use of new technologies expands, simply maintaining your old website is not enough.

Smartphones are rapidly overtaking desktop PCs and laptops as the primary way the internet is accessed. According to the annual Deloitte Media Consumer survey from August 2014, smartphone ownership was at 81% (an increase of 21% over the three preceding years). Digital, social and mobile is less a “trend” than a way of life.

Is your firm’s website optimised for mobile? Better check with your developer now.  Google has just announced changes to its search rankings (effective from 21 April 2015) which mean that mobile-friendly sites will rank higher in mobile searches.

And it’s not just about making sure your website is optimised for mobile. The way you produce and disseminate your content has also moved on from the static “brochure websites” many firms still seem to rely on.

Seth Godin said “content marketing is the only marketing left”. This is especially relevant to B2B professional services providers.

As providers of complex intangibles, what better way for accountants, lawyers, engineers and architects to showcase their skills and expertise than case studies, whitepapers, think pieces, blog articles and generously sharing knowledge and participating in online forums (think LinkedIn Groups)?

Whatever platform you use (and ideally it’s a combination – website, email campaign, LinkedIn posts, Twitter, Google+, Facebook), it’s now easier than ever to engage a wide audience and position yourself as a credible expert.

So make sure you have a robust digital marketing strategy in place, and don’t get left behind, we can help.

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