Tender, bid & proposal readiness

Bids are stressful, involve tight time frames and often result in much replicated effort. Many businesses are also stuck on a bid treadmill, chasing after poor-fit opportunities.

While each tender, bid and proposal is unique, processes and many common elements – building blocks – can be developed and agreed in advance.

With well-conceived strategies, plus effective preparation and by following a clear process JMA can help your business work on bids more effectively and increase your overall win rate.

JMA will get you win-ready through:

  • bid strategy and process improvement review that will inject efficiency and effectiveness into your efforts
  • devising, introducing and embedding clear a qualification process on bid, or no bid decision making
  • independently reviewing and benchmarking your recent bids, successful and unsuccessful with specific recommendations for improvements
  • preparing bid building blocks including content libraries and policy & procedure documentation
  • with tools, examples, clear process maps and ready building blocks for simple tailoring on each occasion.

If winning business is important to your firm’s prosperity, whether to win new work or retain those hard-to-replace clients, JMA can be in your corner next time.

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If you’re bidding for everything, how can you improve your chances of success?

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